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A folk museum operates in the centre of Vytina where rich exhibits and historic material is hosted.

In a distance of 12 kilometres from the hotel, the ski center of Mainalon is located at the peak of Ostrakina at a height 1.770 metres.

Vytina is offered for beautiful strolls thanks to the superb montaneous nature. One typical one is the stroll in the path of love and the wooded grove.

Furthermore, Vytina is the starting point for someone to meet the beauties of the wide area and the nearby villages. It is worth someone visiting the historic monasteries (Kernitsas, Philosofou, Prodromou, Aimyalon), the hydrofoil museum in Dimitsana, Kolokotroni's house in the village of Libovisi, the temple of Apollon in Vasses, the lake of Ladonas and many more.

The Art Mainalon hotel may organise several activities for the guests by expertised and nature lovers professionals such as:

  • Hiking in the valley and the canyon of Lousios river
  • Hiking in the mapped path in the forest of Mainalon
  • Rafting and archery in Lousios river
  • Kayak
  • Horse riding in a farm in Vytina
  • Route with special bikes (''gourounes'') in the mountain
  • Cycling

For further information as far as the area and the activities are concerned, the guest may appeal at the reception.

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